Friday, March 11, 2011

Discoveries, discoveries

I now know what a ning is. At least I think I do. I have joined one called Book Blogs and I am gradually finding my way around it. Several book bloggers have contacted me, one with an offer to interview me some time in the future, and others who expressed interest in my writing.

There seems to be thousands of book bloggers all over the world. As yet I've not discovered any other Australians, but I feel sure there must be some out there. Some of the bloggers are writers, some readers and some both. They uses the site to promote their own writing or to write reviews of what they have read. Some prefer to read books in hard copy, others are happy to buy ebooks on line.

And that was another thing I learnt last week. Amazon has a facility called 'text to speech' for ebooks available on Kindle. Apparently its existance caused a giant brouhaha in the USA with some publishers and authors opposing its use as it breached their copyright. They demanded it be removed. It seems that a compromise has been reached with Amazon making it possible for publishers to disenable the facility id they so wish. This, of course, disappointed the vision impaired who, for the first time, had access to the same range of ebooks as sighted people. That prompted me to find out whether Brigid was 'text to speech' enabled as I could not recall the option being offered to us when Emma uploaded it to Amazon. A quick search showed that it was which I was pleased about. I would not want to deprive anyone of the opportunity of reading Brigid. I would like to know, though, what it sounds like. Does the mechanical voice reading Brigid have an Irish accent?
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