Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The joys of owning an ereader

At last!

I have an ereader courtesy of my daughter who has upgraded her ipod and given me her old one.

I don't mind that it's secondhand. I'm just delighted to have one. It doesn't seem right to be publishing ebooks which I would like other people to purchase and download on to their ereaders if I am not reading ebooks myself.

Now I can! I can tackle my list of books to read before I die list electronically instead of searching the secondhand book shops for the out of print ones and spending fortunes buying new ones from bookstores. Think of all the trees I won't be responsible for cutting down.

Already I've investigated the Amazon catalogue under the historical fiction heading and found enough titles to keep me reading for years. I'll concentrate on anything related to the War of the Roses for the moment as I am half way through the course I'm teaching at the University of the Third Age in Ballarat and contemplating redrafting my children's story Abbie in the Abbey.

Once that is done I will have to decide which direction my historical interests take me. Perhaps I'll go back to the Irish Diaspora theme  of my enovels Brigid, A  Terrible Paradise and The Liberator's Birthday. There's an Irish Diaspora feel about the one I am writing now. But then there is French history and all the great novels which have been written about France and the people who have played a part in shaping its destiny. Or the Tudors! The scope is endless. All I need now is time to read.

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  1. I too have just received an ereader, the Amazon Kindle. As much as I love having a printed copy in my hands to fully immerse myself in the reading experience- I must admit the electronic device is very convenient! Especially for making quick purchases and accepting review copies.
    I hope you find yours just as enjoyable.


  2. As a person who loves to sit in coffee shops and write, I am having to adjust my thinking to writing on my ipad. I tried it yesterday and was surprised how easy it was and the ideas flowed just as well as they do under my pen. I must be the grooviest grandma in Ballarat I reckon. And if anyone interupts my writing I can subject them to all my granddaughter photos. They're all on the ipod as well. Watch out. I have a family of photographers so you could be in for quite a session,