Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Two great writing workshops in Ballarat this May

May 21 -

Chapter One: Elements of writing, from plot to publication

Presenters: Alison Arnold and Cath Crowley
 Some of the topics they will explore include:
  • How do you write a character that burns their way onto the page? 
  • Are you tripping over plot holes? 
  • Is your dialogue shining or sagging? 
  • Agent or unsolicited? 
  • How do you pitch your book? 
  • How do you get published?
Join Cath Crowley and Alison Arnold for a masterclass that will inspire you and your writing. 
Alison Arnold is an editor at Text Publishing. Cath Crowley has taught creative writing for over ten years and is the authors of numersous novels including: Chasing Charlie Duskin (aka A Little Wanting Song), The Life and Times of Gracie Faltrain and Gracie Faltrain Gets it Right (Finally) and Graffiti Moon.
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May 28, June 25, July 23, August 20 

So you want to write a novel!
A course for serious writers over four Saturdays, with Jill Blee

This course is designed for writers who are embarking on a major work of fiction. Over four Saturdays the participants will be encouraged to examine the components of the novel in relation to their own project. They will be guided through plot development, characterisation, choosing the form of narration which best suits the story they are telling, writing dialogue and the effective use of description.

Dr Jill Blee is a writer and historian, and teaches writing at the Council of Adult Education in Melbourne. She has published numerous novels including The Liberator’s Birthday, Brigid and The Pines Hold Their Secrets.
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